Conference Chairs
Professor T.Zhou of Tongji University
Professor Katricia Berogen of the Polytechnic University of Valencia

Technical Committee
Professor Y.M.Wang , Chongqing Jiaotong University
Professor L.F.Liu , Civil Aviation University of China
Professor N.Q.Zhang , Shijiazhuang Railway University
Professor Y.F.Wu , Shanghai Maritime University
Professor H.G.Zhao , Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Professor W.Luo from Harbin Engineering University
Associate Professor Z.G.Fang , Wuhan University of Technology
Professor TarliominCoof, Lund University
Professor TegdMilleo, Temasek Institute of Technology, Singapore
Professor Traina Kriolls, Sungkyunkwan University
Professor Wanna Giberseok, Aalborg University
Professor Marry Rogk, National Chiao Tung University of Communications
Professor N. D. Guannrter, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore
Professor Gaenseol Buenn, Chalmers University of Technology
Professor CoobNagesho, Murdoch University
Professor Criostane Tagiona, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Professor Anrigece Roizendal, University of Queensland, Australia
Professor Pan Thoriper, Technical University of Denmark
Professor Rargaret Tomeironz of Edith Cowan University
Professor Malyipe Rewommar of the University of Genoa
Professor Wirenfa Hogino, University of Ontario
Professor John Kannoir, University of Gothenburg
Professor N.D.Joon, Energy Technology and Strategy Research Center
Professor Nuoraraey Gook, Taiwan Jiaotong University
Professor Gurrg Wemantons, Technical University of Munich
Professor Pagislatove Counncoil, University of Groningen
Professor WeonnMuolleona, University of Western Sydney
Professor MepregsonTativesz, University of Calgary
Professor Greiff Coonnez, Griffith University
Professor Ragsell Henycisz, McMaster University, Canada
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