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Local Attractions
To hangzhou, you must visit the west lake. You can visit the west lake on foot, by boat, by battery car, or by car or bike.

Yue Wang Temple
If the sun is strong in summer, it is recommended to walk along the north mountain road, hiding in the dense shade to see the curve of the broken bridge and swaying weeping willows on the opposite bai causeway, along the road there are many entrances leading to the gem mountain, you can go to climb the mountain to see the scenery, down the mountain also came to yue wang temple. Yue wang square there are a lot of small shops can eat, the evening here called impression of the west lake performance is also worth a look. If you have enough time and energy, you can walk up the su causeway and enjoy the panoramic view of the west lake.
West Lake
Many scenic spots are concentrated on the north bank of the west lake. It takes about one day to stroll leisurely all the way west from the Broken Bridge on the West Lake at the northeast corner to yuewang temple. You can walk along the baidi road to the mountain, see xiling printing society, zhejiang provincial museum, China printing museum, put crane pavilion and other cultural attractions, eat authentic west lake vinegar fish in the building outside the building, from xiling bridge under the island, is not far is yue wang temple and quyuan breeze lotus.
Leifeng Tower
Another area where the scenic spots are concentrated is the Hubin Road-Nanshan Road on the southeast coast. From hubin road to the south, walk along the nanshan road, along the road can play Leifeng Pagoda,liu lang wenying, long bridge, nanping evening bell, huagang view fish and other attractions, adjacent attractions between the distance is not far, you can walk, tour bus, bus is also very convenient, can arrange a day according to like to choose a few to play. Among them, leifeng tower, nanping evening bell is suggested to be arranged in the evening, jingci temple to listen to the bell, leifeng tower overlooking the west lake at night is a great experience.

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